2009 Schedule

2009 Pittsbugh Steelers Opponents:

Baltimore Ravens (11-5), Cincinnati Bengals (4-11-1), Cleveland Browns (4-12), Green Bay Packers (6-10), Minnesota Vikings (10-6), Oakland Raiders (5-11), San Diego Chargers (8-8), Tennessee Titans (13-3)

Baltimore Ravens (11-5), Chicago Bears (9-7), Cincinnati Bengals (4-11-1), Cleveland Browns (4-12), Denver Broncos (8-8), Detroit Lions (0-16), Kansas City Chiefs (2-14),  Miami Dolphins (11-5)




3 responses to “2009 Schedule

  1. With this schedule, the Steelers can and will probe all those so called experts that they are between the top 5 teams in the NFL, I just waiting for winnings against Browns, Ravens and Cheaters. Great website.

  2. Colts, Chargers, @ Patriots, and Cowboys??? That’s a pretty brutal second half!!!

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