Free Agency Begins…

…well for the Steelers.

For every other team, it began on “Black Friday”, which is rarely, if ever Black and Gold Friday. The Steelers took care of some of their own, as they always do (the Kemoeatu signing was surprising) and they were certain to lose some of their contributors, as they always do. In my mind free agency for the Steelers doesn’t really begin until we bring in someone new or we lose someone to another team.

Today was that day; the first UFA Steeler has left the comfort and security of a champion and headed out on a journey alone. A path that Yancey once walked and failed.

Nate Washington is a Tennessee Titan. Best of luck. But I don’t think we’ll be hearing much from you.

The next Steelers player likely to go is Bryant McFadden, it’s actually somewhat surprising that he hasn’t landed somewhere yet. There is a current stir about the potential signing of Free Agent Titan Chris Carr as a CB/KR.

In case you haven’t been aware to this point  who our free agents are (which would be shocking if you follow the Steelers close enough to read blogs about them), here’s a list:

  • UFA – Charlie Batch
  • UFA – Mitch Berger
  • UFA – Fernando Bryant
  • RFA – Willie Colon
  • UFA – Jon Dekker
  • UFA – Trai Essex
  • UFA – Keyaron Fox
  • UFA – Andre Frazier
  • UFA – Arnold Harrison
  • UFA – Chris Kemoeatu – Resigned with Pittsburgh
  • UFA – Byron Leftwich
  • RFA – Anthony Madison
  • UFA – Bryant McFadden
  • RFA – Sean McHugh – Resigned with Pittsburgh
  • UFA – Orpheus Roye
  • REL – Kendall Simmons
  • UFA – Anthony Smith
  • UFA – Marvel Smith
  • UFA – Nate Washington – Signed with Tennessee

Other notable signings:
Bart Scott apparently got sick of getting decked by Hines Ward twice a year.
Houshmandzadeh decided to fade off into obscurity with a bad and boring team (at least the begals were just bad, they certainly weren’t boring).
Andra Davis, arguably one of Cleveland’s best defenders (mind you, is quite relative), wised up and signed with Denver.
The Ryan Fitzpatrick era is over in Cincinnati; signed with Buffalo. I assume that mean Carson Palmer expects to actually play football.


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  1. Bowlingleague

    I think it is important to sign either Batch or Leftwich as a backup to Ben. Since he takes so many sacks, he is bound to miss time and having a quality backup is crucial. I expect to see Batch back. He is a Pittsburgh guy. I have been reading the Leftwich wants to be a starter. Tough call if he can carry a team or not. If I am Leftwich, I accept being number 2, carry the clipboard, be ready to play when called on and collect the hardware. No shame in that. GREAT to see Lewis re-sign with the ravens. He is guaranteed to burn out in three years and I would love to hand him 6 straight losses to end his career. Gonna miss TJ and his big mouth. Nate Washington: should have looked closely at the careers of Randle-El and Thigpen (their game is closer to his game) and not Burress before leaving. Burress is the rare talent who continues to produce once leaving the Steelers. At least Washington can tell the titans stories of what is like to win Super Bowls. They probably threw in an extra incentive clause for that specific purpose.

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