Cowboys Release T.O.

Quick…let’s sign him!

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…or not, just kidding.

But, seriously, I am very interested to see what team will give him a chance. And, I have a feeling he won’t be willing to play just anywhere. T.O. is a player that only a handful of teams would take a chance on, and most of them are the teams that have nothing to lose because they are so bad. I can’t think of one contending team that would desire all the baggage that comes with T.O.

T.O. Released

The Bengals signed Laveranues Coles. He’ll get lit up like the forh of July.

The Broncos are collecting 2nd tier running backs.

RAY LEWIS IS STAYING in Baltimore…I’m very happy, I would have missed that guy.


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  1. T.O. signs with the Bills?!?!?! I didn’t see that one coming!!! And it’s all guaranteed money. WOW!

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