Monday Morning FA Updates

A couple more of the Super Bowl XLIII Champion Pittsburgh Steelers have just forfeited their opportunity to win championships for the opportunity to collect money. Can’t blame them…Bryant McFadden could have stayed and played, but not for the cash that he’s getting in Pittsburgh West Arizona. Anthony Smith was a promising player who let his mouth do more talking than his play; enjoy the guarantees Green Bay. The Steelers will be fine, and even though McFadden will be missed, this years draft has a very deep CB class.

Something tells me we’ll be looking to draft some depth for the secondary this April.

Update: The Steelers brought in Joey Galloway for a visit, I’d give you my opinion, but Dale seems to have thought through all the implications already. I wouldn’t say that Joey is the answer that will get us over the hump again, but he’ll be a nice addition for a reasonable price.

Updated list of Steelers FA’s:

  • UFA – Charlie Batch
  • UFA – Mitch Berger
  • UFA – Fernando Bryant
  • RFA – Willie Colon
  • UFA – Jon Dekker
  • UFA – Trai Essex
  • UFA – Keyaron Fox
  • UFA – Andre Frazier
  • UFA – Arnold Harrison
  • UFA – Chris Kemoeatu – Resigned with Pittsburgh
  • UFA – Byron Leftwich
  • RFA – Anthony Madison
  • UFA – Bryant McFadden – Signed with Arizona
  • RFA – Sean McHugh – Resigned with Pittsburgh
  • UFA – Orpheus Roye
  • REL – Kendall Simmons
  • UFA – Anthony Smith – Signed with Green Bay
  • UFA – Marvel Smith
  • UFA – Nate Washington – Signed with Tennessee
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    One response to “Monday Morning FA Updates

    1. RJ

      22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

      The Steelers players wearing these jersey are not Steelers defensive players. Steelers defensive players are not afraid to tackle, do not arm tackle and have enough pride to NOT get beat as often as these guys do.

      It is time to dump each of them…way past due.

      They have been sickening to watch since the Jacksonville game a couple years ago when we watched the disgusting arm tackling of the 20 something players jersey leave David Girard run to beat the Steelers.

      I have been a Steeler fan since 1970 and we’ve never been so inept in the defensive backfield….no, one player does not a defense make. even with Troy, these guys are pansy tacklers who I no longer want to watch in Steeler Black and Gold – GET RID OF THEM

      Lastly, I had high hopes for Tomlin, but if he lost the players in this locker room like it appears he has with the Ward Roethlisberger flap, then he’s done….we will lose for a long long time…..he CANNOT overcome the divsion in the locker room that Ward AND Ben have created…someone has to go, then you run the risk of losing the other players who were behind ward or behind ben….Tomlin may have cooked his own gooose and I hope it doesn’t take more than one year to fix it or get rid of Tomlin….

      No one can say this hasn’t happened before…What the !@@## is Tomlin thinking to let this get out of hand…i had hopes, but he looks like and idiot now

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