The End…

This is my last post on this blog as a Pittsburgh Steelers blogger. Believe me, I love the Steelers as much as I ever have, maybe more. But as I have been reflecting and contemplating my “other” life as a blogger and i’ve been very unfulfilled and in fact distracted from the real life that I have been called to live.

This blog has only been in existence for a little over a year, and I’ve very much enjoyed it (and truly hope that you have). But, in this short time I’ve realized that I don’t enjoy giving part of my attention to obsessing each day about the latest FA visits, blog hits and traffic to my site all the while hoping that other blogs and sites will like what I wrote and link to it so that more people will get to enjoy the journey along with me. This blog, in short, has become a self built idol in my life that I bowed down to way too many times (just being honest here) and allowed to distract me from sleep (at times), family, my job and most importantly my relationship and devotion to Jesus Christ.

I really hope that the friendships I’ve formed through the other Steelers blogs I’ve come across will remain. I hope they will continue the fine job of following the Steelers so I can read and stay on top of things. And I thank them for the links and the opportunity to be in the blogging circle alongside them.

I love the Steelers, always will…I love Jesus more. And so, I must make this the end.

Thanks for reading,

*I guess sometime around Feb 2010 the site will shut down after my account with WordPress is not renewed, until then it will remain as is, hopefully becoming even more obsolete as the Steelers add their 7th ring to the collection*



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10 responses to “The End…

  1. psyche

    thanks for everything

  2. dstarver

    Sorry to see you go, Dave. You will be missed.

    I completely understand what you mean about how blogging can eat up all of your time. I am struggling with some of the same thoughts myself.

    You were actually the first blog to ever give me a link, and I truly appreciate that. If you ever get the urge to write an article or two about the Steelers, you will always be welcome to publish it on Steelers Today.
    Steelers Today

  3. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  4. Diane Master

    I understand your decision 100% and support you. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your blog and the 08 season with your contributions.

  5. Hey Dave,

    I’ve enjoyed following this blog over the 2008 season. I share your devotion to the Steelers and am sorry you won’t be blogging when 2009 season picks up this September. But I don’t begrudge you the decision. And even while I don’t share your other devotion — to each their own, y’know — I understand the need to prioritize.

    Oh, and Donald’s offer seems like a good middle path, so you should consider sending him a few posts for STEELERS TODAY if you ever feel the yen to comment on how the team is doing.

    Good journeys!


  6. hey man. thanks for your integrity and honesty in your decision. i pray you will be able to devote the time and energy you need into doing the things that are truly important. thanks for the great writing on the steelers, and don’t lose that fire, either! hope to see you around the web. grace and peace to you.

  7. Dave, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and hope to read more of your writing around the web. To borrow a phrase from Douglas Adams, so long and thanks for all the BBQ sauce!

  8. Say it ain’t sooooooooo!!!!! :-0

    I understand your decision, just wish there was another way to do it. I just found your blog about six months ago and now it’s gone…sad day. Good luck in the future.

    P.S. Send us an e-mail if anything changes. 😉

  9. Joe

    Meet Pittsburgh Steelers legend Mel Blount at Moon Township Kmart! Come to 2000 Scott Blvd, on Saturday September 12th between 1 and 3 pm to meet Mr. Blount! Get an autograph and some Steelers gear for the new season!

  10. Wow I was just checking other Steeler blogs and thinking how my blogging is getting out of control(I have 7 of them)..glad to see I am not alone. Thanks for writing what you have. Hope you change your mind
    TR Fisher

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