Welcome to www.5goldenrings.net, your home for all things Pittsburgh Steelers. This blog will serve as a gathering place for Steelers news all over the ‘net through regular links, personal Steelers commentary and hopefully a sounding board for you the Steelers fan. Feel free to be part of the building process of this site. We welcome and encourage you to comment on the content that is added, we beg you to post and send links we may have missed and content that you may think is valuable for Steeler Nation.

Please e-mail at: 5goldenrings@gmail.com

About the Bloggers: 
is a Steelers fan who grew up in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania just south of Altoona and about 2 hours due east of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, I am in exile (job related) in Columbus, Ohio of all places. My location gives me a unique perspective from which to observe the Steelers…3 hours from the “holy” city and equidistant from both Cleveland and Cincinnati. I’ve discovered quite a strange confluence of team allegiances in my time here. I hope to be able to provide you with reliable, intelligent and amusing commentary to add to your personal Steelers experience.

Eric is a Steelers fan.

About the Blog Name:
This blog was founded in February of 2008. The blog was cleverly named 5goldenrings.net to reflect the rich and storied, championship laden Pittsburgh Steelers. At the time of the founding of this blog, the team had 5 Super Bowl championship rings to boast. Since that time, and admittedly much faster than expected, the Pittsburgh Steelers ascended to yet another title and a 6th Golden Ring! We will continue to cheer for even more rings, rendering the name of this blog even more obsolete. Ah, but the beauty of it all is that, while rings are sure to be added, the name will remain and someday harken back to it’s founding days in Feb 2008.

Thanks for visiting.

Dave’s Steelers Cave…(The 5goldenrings Basement)

Dave’s Beagle/German Shepherd mix named Bettis


9 responses to “About

  1. Hey,
    Just wanted to get you back; I added you to my blog roll. You’re blog is some funny s***. Always good to seen another fellow Steelers blogger. And it always amazes me how many of us there are. It’s a bit of an off time for me right now and a lot of others, so it’s cool to see so many recent posts.
    Black&Gold Girl

    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!

  2. I hear ya. I started over the summer of last year because I was so tired of only being able to read stuff about the Steelers during the season. I wanted to talk Steelers all year round because there’s pretty much always something going on. But I really do like the site. It’s funny. And since everyone else has slowed down, it’ll be nice to read some new stuff from someone.

  3. Thanks a lot for the heads-up on the links you posted over on my site. Good stuff. Really fascinated with the whole youth football idea. That’s a great one. Thanks for dropping by. Hope to hear from you again.

  4. Troy Tig

    Wow, I didn’t know there were that many Steelers fans in the Columbus area, I knew of very few. Nice to know. I was born in the South Hills, lived in Ambridge, Oakdale, and Ross Twp (North Hills) all of my life before moving to Columbus, Ohio about 4 years ago.

  5. Your site ROCKS! so does your room. Still working on mine. Don’t have a basement but when my daughter grows up and moves out………..WALLS ARE COMING DOWN!!

    I linked you just for having a kick ass STEELER SITE!

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  7. Dude, I love the room and I’ve added you to my blogroll (under Sports in the right column).

    I, too, grew up in the mountains of western PA. But my home was 3 hours North of Pittsburgh, and about 45 minutes east of Dubois. I now live south of Bethlehem, in the midst of many rabid Eagles fans — one of them being my wife. :: sigh ::

    Good to know there’s another quality Steelers blog I can visit to catch my fan fix.

  8. Its so nice to see so many dog lovers out here. I have 3 dogs and I just love to read so many interesting comments like the ones I find here.

  9. $MonicaLuvsMoney$

    OMG! ur dog looks just like mine! Her name is cleo and she will be turning 2 on august 24th. We never knew her other breed until now, we are pretty sure she is german shepherd/beagle!

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