Fan Stories

This page is to serve as a gathering of Steelers fan stories. The Steelers Nation is one of the most diverse and widespread fan bases in all of sports. Some would call it a tribe, a gathering of people from different walks of life who are brought together with a common goal and a common vision. That common vision is to cheer on the Pittsburgh Steelers and to support them through the good times and the bad.

One of my favorite things to do is to hear how people became Steelers fans. Not everyone had the opportunity to grow up in or around Pittsburgh, yet have found themselves as Steelers fans. Not everyone was alive during the Steel Curtain days of the 70’s, yet they have still become Steelers fans. The reasons are many but the draw and the addiction remains the same…once a Steelers fan, always a Steelers fan.

Please take a moment to add your story to the roll by leaving in in the comment section. Then, sit back, grab a Mt Dew (my favorite beverage) and enjoy the stories as you connect with Steeler Nation.

**This “Fan Stories” page inspired by this post, stories posted there have been moved here**


9 responses to “Fan Stories

  1. David

    My Story (the blogger):
    How I became a Steelers fan…
    I was born and raised in Western PA but was not always a Steelers fan…I had to make that choice. Growing up I was more of a baseball fan, because my dad was. Growing up my dad hated the Steelers (still does), partly because he likes an underdog and they always won in the 70’s and partly today out of spite for me (I think). When I began to develop an interest in football Barry Sanders caught my eye, watching Barry run helped me to fall in love with football and as far as I was concerned the Steelers were not an option because I followed and liked what my dad did. After a few years of following a player but being deeply disappointed by a team, I decided to pick a team to follow. I wanted a team that I wouldn’t want to dump as soon as the players changed, I wanted to identify with a team and a city. The natural choice was the Pittsburgh Steelers. To this day I still love baseball but I struggle with having a favorite team (in any sport really); I only have time to be a fan of one team. The day Bill Cowher was hired I watched the press conference introducing him and decided that for better or worse I would be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. 17 years later, there has never been a second of regret.

  2. David

    Glen – January 3, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    Growing up in Arkansas it was expected that we either like the Arkansas Razorbacks or the Dallas Cowboys. From the time I was in elementary school I love the Steelers because:

    1. Black and Gold are great color combos.
    2. Jack Ham and Jack Lambert rocked.
    3. The 70’s Steelers made football look fun.

    In the end I have been a Steelers fan since 1973 and own plenty of Steelers merchandise and have met Desha Townsend and Hines Ward at the football camp that Desha puts on in his hometown of Batesville, MS every summer.

  3. David

    D-Pac – January 4, 2009 at 12:11 am

    I was born in 1973 in north central Indiana. The Colts did not move to Indiana until 1984. By the time that had happened, the Steelers had won four Superbowls in my lifetime and my older brother loved the Steelers. Since I wanted to be just like him, they became my team too.

    I stuck with the Steelers through the Malone & Brister eras and I’m a bigger fan today than I ever have been (both literally & figuratively).

    I have been to five Steelers games. 2 in Cincy & 1 each in Indy, Chicago & Cleveland. I so want to see a game at Heinz.

    The other day I cut myself in the kitchen, and out poured Black & Gold.

  4. David

    Alba – January 4, 2009 at 11:43 am

    While I’ve followed other sports teams through my life as I moved around the country — hockey at Cornell, the A’s during the heyday of the Bash Brothers, the Bulls in the midst of Jordan’s second era — I’ve never committed enough to a team to stay connected after moving away. And I’d never followed pro football in any serious way.

    In the summer of 2005 my wife and I moved to Pittsburgh. At first I was delighted to discover that we could get shopping and other errands done during games, with the streets and stores completely empty. But by the end of that magical season I was smitten.

    Now I read the Steelers news every day in the same unironic way as lifelong Pittsburghers. I follow every game intensely and have attended several. I’ve read books to better understand football strategy.

    My two children were born here in Pittsburgh, and I expect they will also become Steelers fans; the whole family is on the season ticket waiting list. And if we ever move from Pittsburgh or if the Steelers franchise stumbles — neither of which I anticipate — I believe I am a Steelers fan for life.

  5. David

    Beth – January 4, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    I grew up in a family of all girls so sports were never really that big. My dad liked the Bears and later the Colts, but he didn’t push it on us. When I met my later-to-be husband I learned quickly how big he was on the Steelers. I wanted to impress him so I started to learn all the facts I could on the Steelers and went to weekly Steelers parties with him. On the night of our wedding I even wore a Bettis jersey I may not watch the games as much as I used to, but I still feel I am a pretty good fan to let my husband have our entire basement dedicated to the Steelers, name our dog Bettis and attend games or leave at night to watch them at the local fan club.

  6. David

    Becky – January 5, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    The Steelers are in my blood. My father’s family hails from Pittsburgh, and he was a tried -and -true Steelers fan. His devotion to the team rubbed off on my brother and me during our tot years. I remember watching the awesome Steel Curtain (Greene, Greenwood, Holmes and White), and the three of us yelling at the television on game day.

    My loyalty to the team has never faltered-even during the Malone era. I have lived all over the country and in Europe and have met many Steelers fans during my travels. I am so amazed that so many people share the same deep-rooted passion for this team. Whenever I wear my Steelers shirt, other fans approach me and we talk. After the conversation ends, I walk away with a feeling of community and an even greater sense of pride. Go Steelers!

  7. David

    TimA – January 22, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    I know the contest is over but I want to tell my story anyway.

    I came across this site while surfing the net at work for Steeler stuff at work. (it’s what I do in my down time.)

    Well I am born and raised in Aliquippa and have always and always will be a huge Steelers fan. I fall in love more more every year with Steeler Nation. At one time I was at every home game. Since my departure I am forced to watch it on tv but I never miss a game. I have lived in Columbus, Baltimore, Phoenix, Chicago, Philly, And now Dallas and have always found a Steelers bar to go watch the games with great many fans. I also make it back to mecca to see atleast one home game and travel to one away game. I also try my best to go to all playoff games. Of which this last AFC Championship game was the best one I have ever been too. (My job allows me to do so, plus I am single.)

    This all leads up to what brings tears to my eyes and make me fall in love with Steeler Nation. All those cities and all those away games are jammed packed with fellow fans that are in my shoes or are just love the heart and spirt of the Steelers. I always have Steelers gear on. And every city I go to I hear ” Go Stillers”. Makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. It is amazing. I have story after story I could tell but you get the point and if your on this site you are one of these people and know what I mean. But this sums up why I LOVE this team and it’s fans. It is one big family to me and I will always be apart of it!!

    LETS GET 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. FLASH

    I grew up in Central Islip, NY and have been a STEELER Fan since their first Super Bowl Win in the 70’s. As a young boy I was hooked, all my friends till this day say to me ” Why don’t you be a NY fan?” I say the Jets and Giants dont even play in NY they play in NJ they should be called NJ Jets and NJ Giants, LOL. My Idol is and will always be Jack Lambert. I live and bleed black and gold. Congrats to the Steelers on their 6th super bowl win. I now live an work in Miami and hope to see the Steelers in miami for super bowl 44

  9. Bowlingleague

    I became a STEELERS fan when I was about 1st-2nd grade. I have always loved the game of football and I come from a family of hardcore bengals/browns fans, so I guess I was fortunate to escape such a bleak existence. My STEELERS love was and is an unpopular decision within the family. I became a STEELERS fan when an older friend of the family gave me a STEELERS t-shirt following the 1978 Super Bowl. I have had the privilege of seeing several others come to the STEELERS as young people, my three children and just this past year, a young friend of our family. We watched the Super Bowl at their house and following the game, I received a call from his mom asking where she could purchase a Polamalu jersey for him. I was so moved, we gave him ours. Even as I write this, I am overcome with emotion and I am unable to finish this…

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