Mount Rushmore of Steel?


If you’ve watched Sportscenter over the past month or visited at all during this span, you were probably smacked in the face with a heavy dose of Mount Rushmore. This is an example of an ok idea (which is why it’s getting my attention) that was very poorly executed. You see, ESPN set out to determine who each state’s 4 Rushmore reps would be. Though, the criteria seemed rather confused as sports figures started popping up on multiple Rushmores…Is Peyton Manning’s chiseled rock set in Southern Indiana (any Hoosier knows it’s nothing but flatness up north) or resting peacefully upon the Great Smokies or should he be hanging in the New Orleans French Quarter. ESPN didn’t seem to want to choose between place of birth, college greatness or professional greatness.

My biggest problem came when I looked at Pennsylvania and not a single Steeler was represented. How could the most successful and prominant team in the state not get a nod.

So, this post is dedicated to the Mount Rushmore of Pittsburgh Steelers only. Who makes the list? Of all the great individuals that donned the Black and Gold which 4 stand above the rest? This was extremely difficult as I made my selections: Continue reading



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Special Thanks and Stuff

Just a note of thanks to the fine folks over at‘s Hot Clicks for linking to the Ebay/NFL Popularity Index. As of right now, their little linkage to 5GR is single handedly responsible for 8,000+ hits in less than a day. Behold, the power of Sports Illustrated. (Full Disclosure: The previous high hit count for one day was Feb 2, 2009 (yeah, it was an all day party) @ 1,005. Yesterday brought 7,344 clicks to my poor, obsoletely named blog.

So, if you ever wondered what a little Hot Clicks action could do for your blog, now you know. I know I’ve always wondered. (I once submitted a link to Hot Clicks on behalf of this NFL preview, and the traffic promptly shut down for a couple of days.)

My hope is that at least 2 of the many visitors to the site, will like what they saw and come back again on their own, without the incentive of following a “hot click” that they were probably hoping would lead them to scantily clad women. (if you are actually back for more of we offer at 5GR, don’t lurk, let us know you were here, leave a comment or 5)

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Ebay/NFL Popularity Index

The absolute, end all, bottom line gauge for the popularity of your favorite NFL team is how much of your team’s stuff is for sale on Ebay. You think I’m joking (only half). Think about it…obviously teams that print and create more stuff will have more to sell, but believe me, people wouldn’t list the stuff that they do if it didn’t actually sell. The Ebay/NFL Popularity Index is based on number of items listed for sale.

So, without further adieu…Here is your “official” Ebay/NFL Popularity Index:

pittsburgh-steelers-logo1. Pittsburgh Steelers – 16,567
Great Steelers item: A giant 1976 Steelers coloring book
Not such a good item: Fernando Bryant 2008 “game used” glove (I guess it’s rare since he only recorded a stat in 2 games all season)

dallas-cowboys-logo2. Dallas Cowboys – 10,897
Great Cowboys Item: The No Jessica T-shirt…Ha
Not such a good item: Squezze Play Rare LP featuring Hollywood Henderson (autographed!)

ny-giants-logo3. New York Giants – 7,633
Great Giants Item: Classic Bill Parcells sweater
Not such a good item: Plaxico Burress youth jersey…exactly what I want my kid to wear

green-bay-packers-logo4. Green Bay Packers – 7,445
Great Packers Item: Couldn’t decide…Vintage Pennant, Favre HS, College and Pro Bobble and a Cheese Head (I love Cheese Heads…next to the Terrible Towel it’s my favorite fan item)
Not such a good item: Huh? Green Bay Packers coral? I don’t get it.

chicago-bears-logo5. Chicago Bears – 7,057
Great Bears Item: Classic SNL “Da Bears” t-shirt
Not such a good item: a collection of Kordell Stewart Bears cards

For the rest of the NFL rankings Continue reading


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In The Meantime…

Has it really been 12 days since this blog has been updated? Has it really been 20 days since the Steelers won the Super Bowl? The clicks, the searches and the hits that brought people here have subsided and we’ve settled into the absolute worst part of the sports year.

Here are 6 reasons why February is the worst sports month, after the first Sunday:
1. The NBA and NHL are trolling along with their near meaningless regular season.
2. Nascar is not my sport…but it’s back if you’re into that mindless driving in circles kinda thing.
3. Baseball is not yet about baseball but rather about steroids and ARod (again)
4. The NFL scouting combine is coming…get pumped! Um, maybe if we followed a team that was bad.
5. Tiger is coming back, that might draw a little attention from me
6. College basketball (save Pitt proving to be a legit contender) is about 2 weeks from interesting

Ah, but at least we have Jeff Reed and the curious case of Max Starks.

Besides Skippy throwing a toddler tantrum at Sheetz for not having the towels to dry his hands and Max Starks (8.451 mil in ’09) raking in more money than it would have cost to keep Alan Fanaca (8 mil) in town, Here’s what a few of the Steelers have been up to since finishing off the Cardinals in XLIII. Continue reading

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The Obligatory Pro Bowl Update

Pro Bowl Football
Polamalu, Harrison and Farrior…the lone Steelers Pro Bowl representatives

…it’s Monday, the day after the game, and I think Larry Fitzgerald just scored another TD. The NFC won the game, the AFC did not. But, the Steelers still won the Super Bowl!

80670229PS005_PRO_BOWLJames Harrison makes a tackle…I think.

For the record: I watched all of 3 minutes of the game, Troy Polamalu had 3 tackles, James Harrison had 2 and an assisted tackle and Farrior had 1 tackle. Here’s hoping that next year the Steelers won’t have any players playing in the game.


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Sports Illustrated 02.09.09


And there it is…the playoff SI trilogy of covers is complete. Santonio graces his second cover in just a few weeks, en route to delivering Pitsburgh’s sixth Super Bowl title.

This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse…Franco’s Immaculate Collection

Damon Hack – The Steelers! Are Super!

Peter King – A Work In Progress. These Steelers don’t quite measure up to the Steelers of the 70’s

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Victory Parade!

The victory parade along the Boulevard of the Allies – Post Gazette

Ryan Clark dives into the crowd – Post-Gazette

If you are trapped, like me, somewhere other than Pittsburgh watch the parade and celebration live on WTAE online.

People Super Bowl Roethlisberger Letterman

And in case you missed it last night, Ben Roethlisberger was a special guest on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Pittsburgh City Council officially designated the City of Pittsburgh as the City of Sixburgh.

The retroactive Super Bowl running diary, by ESPN’s Bill Simmons.

Saving the best for last in the Super Bowl…Gregg Easterbrook thinks the NFL got a gift by getting the best game of it’s season for it’s very last game.

What a poorly executed idea. ESPN has fans voting on their states “Mt Rushmore” of sports. Pennsylvania doesn’t feature a Steelers player among it’s four. Dumb. Terry Bradshaw makes Louisiana’s top four as the ONLY Steeler on the entire list. Several guys make multiple lists: Barry Sanders (OK, MI), Michael Jordan (NC, IL), Roberto Clemente (PA, PR) and Peyton Manning (TN, IN) among others. But seriously? One Steelers player on the list and none for PA?

Rick Reilly says what we all know…it’s why we love OUR team.

Peter King explains that the fumble by Warner to end the game WAS in fact reviewed and upheld, they just didn’t need to have the on field ref’s look at what was already clear. So, ref blamers, and bitter Seattle fans, get over it.

Looking Ahead: Don Banks examines, Free agency, Salary Cap, Coaching Staff, Draft and Schedule for the Steelers and the Cardinals…The Steelers appear to be in pretty good shape.

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