Super Bowls

Below is a listing of each Super Bowl Championship that the Pittsburgh Steelers have competed in. The Steelers have appeared in 6 title games coming away with 5 Lombardi trophies…giving us 5 golden rings. The Steelers football club is tied with the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers with 5 victories each.

Click on the links below for a complete recap, game summary and statistics from each game.

Super Bowl IX – Pittsburgh Steelers 16 – Minnesota Vikings 6

Super Bowl X – Pittsburgh Steelers 21 – Dallas Cowboys 17

Super Bowl XIII – Pittsburgh Steelers 35 – Dallas Cowboys 31

Super Bowl XIV – Pittsburgh Steelers 31 – Los Angeles Rams 19

Super Bowl XXX – Dallas Cowboys 27 – Pittsburgh Steelers 17

Super Bowl XL – Pittsburgh Steelers 21 – Seattle Seahawks 10

Super Bowl XLIII – Pittsburgh Steelers 27 vs. Arizona Cardinals 23



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