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Haterade is Best Served Cold

5GR Reader and friend of the blog (Bowling League), sent the following to my inbox yesterday evening in response to poor Andrew Lasseter’s letter to Sports Illustrated. Maybe I’m stepping out on a limb; maybe a far extending twig, but is it possible that our “friend” Andrew Lasseter is really a bitter relative of Kwame Lassiter who spent 8 forgettable seasons with the Arizona Cardinals. Yeah, I know the spelling is different. Do you really think Andrew (if that really is his REAL name) would be so foolish as to spell his name correctly and invite the scrutiny of the Steelers blog media? Seriously.

I just got my new SI and it featured the obligatory letters from readers section.  Because I am cheap and I want to receive the maximum benefit from my subscription, I read the aforementioned letters.  This issue had a letter from someone named Andrew Lasseter who wrote “I am tired of hearing about how great Ben Roethlisberger is at avoiding the rush.  Am I the only one who saw him get sacked 46 times [last year]?  He moves more like a champion of competitive eating than a SUPER BOWL WINNING QUARTERBACK (emphasis mine).”  Mr. Lasseter, in an weak attempt at humor, actually makes the best case for Big Ben through his last statement that Ben is a Super Bowl winning quarterback.  Yes, he was sacked 46 times, but all this guy does is avoid the rush, complete clutch passes and win!  Two Super Bowls in four years, not to mention the other stats he currently owns.  He has shown that he can get it done through a primarily run offense (2005) to a primarily pass offense (2008).  I do agree with Mr. Lasseter that If Ben decided to enter a competitive eating contest, he would emerge as the winner!

I also don’t understand the “does he belong in the elite quarterback ranks?” debate.  How can you not put him in the same conversation as Brady and Manning?  Granted, Continue reading


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5GR XLIII Media Day


Media Day comes  a day late to 5 Golden Rings…Here are all the links that are fit to connect to. Enjoy the Steelers Super feast. And don’t waste too much time. (special thanks to BnG, Mondesi and OFTOT for quite a few of these links…they were on top of this before I was). You still have a day or so to try and win Ellen’s Super Bowl Tickets.

SB Media Day Links

Random Newsy Links

  • The rumors have been swirling…but Dick LeBeau isn’t going anywhere, he’ll be back for another season. Phew.
  • Dale Lolly’s insider blog is always informative…check it out…Ward is looking good.
  • Good things come in III’s, detailing the QB’s that have been incredible in SB’s ending in III. This bodes well for either Ben Roethlisberger or Kurt Warner.
  • To blitz or not to blitz…or maybe to drop LB’s into coverage. There’s no clear answer for how to attack Warner and the Cards.
  • Some helpful suggestions to Bruce Arians…ie. Use a screen play.
  • SI.com’s Super Bowl Blog is much more up to date than me…they treat it like it’s their job or something.
  • Here’s a list of the most overplayed storylines leading up to SB XLIII. I admit, I’m tiring of the same stories and ready for the game, but I’m not sure Whiz and Grimm going against the Steelers is overplayed…it’s a legitimate concern (See: TB Gruden vs Oakland)

Completely Random Fun Links

  • Register NOW…for a $0.25 cent pizza from Papa John’s if the opening kickoff of the Super Bowl is returned for a TD.
  • “Mean Troy” Coca-Cola Commercial sneak preview…they say there’s a twist at the end. If the Steelers weren’t playing in this Super Bowl I think this commecial could have been the SB highlight for me. Here’s the original “Mean Joe” spot from 1979.
  • If Super Bowl 43 were a movie.
  • Will the Super Mitch Berger rival Peppi’s #7…aka The Roethlis”burger”? I seriously doubt it.
  • Take your best shot at hunting Cardinals…Duck Hunt style. The trash talking cardinal’s comments are worth the visit. Best one on a miss: Nice shot Plaxico.
  • The Terrible Towel wave is happening right now…sign up to keep the continuous wave going up unitl kickoff.
  • In case you missed it…5GR participated in OFTOT’s Meeting People is Easy, SI styole pop-culture grid, last week.


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Scary Larry

If this doesn’t scare you…I don’t know what will

This Super Bowl is the Steelers game to lose. There I said it. If the Steelers play an average 2008 Steelers football game, they win, hands down. I even think the Steelers could afford a turnover or two and still win, assuming the defense shows up.

I believe Ben Roethlisberger will be much better than XL.
I believe Willie/Mewelde will be servicable
I believe the Defense will hold Edge to next to nothing
I believe the D will get to Warner several times

What I’m not yet convinced of is how we will stop Larry Fitzgerald. He’s a monster and I’m afraid. The Steelers D was #1 against the pass this season (nearly 25 yards more than #2), so why am I worried? Maybe I can’t get the Chad Scott years out of my head and have a hard time accepting that the passing D is actually good.

However, Larry Fitzgerald has not had much experience against Continue reading

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Win Super Bowl XLIII Tickets!

I thought many of you may be interested to know that “Ellen” is giving away SB tickets this week on her show to the biggest Steelers fan and the biggest Cardinals fan (if that even exists). All you need to do is write a short essay and submit it on her website between now and Thursday night.

There are 3 criteria for which your submission will be judged:

  1. Why you consider yourself to be the biggest fan of your favorite NFL team playing in SBXLIII
  2. The originality of your story
  3. Your ability to tell the story with an added comedic touch

So get writing! I did and I felt that I would share the opportunity. My only additional rule: If you win as a result of finding out about the contest on 5goldenrings.net, you must post a comment or shoot the blog an e-mail thanking me profusely. HERE’S THE DIRECT LINK TO THE CONTEST.

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Inconsistent O vs. Pushover D

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” – Newton’s Third Law

Forces always come in pairs – equal and opposite action-reaction force pairs. If the Arizona O is an irresistable force their D is their opposite pair. And if the Steelers D is the immovable object the Steelers O is the counter balance. Of course, if we’re really talking about Newton’s Law the force and counter force is the Arizona O vs Pittsburgh D…something’s got to give…and the Pittsburgh O vs the Arizona D…something’s must give here as well.

The Steelers Offense will never be mistaken for the ’98 Vikings or the ’07 Patriots…but when push came to shove in the most important drives of the games this season, the offense was clutch. On the flip-side Continue reading


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Irresistible Force vs. Immovable Object

One of the telling stories of Super Bowl XLIII will be the Arizona Cardinals offense vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. Throughout the playoffs the Cardinals offense has been nothing short of amazing and the Steel Town D has been getting the job done all season long.

Cardinals OFFENSE: Total Yds: 365.8 (4)
Steelers DEFENSE:    Total Yds: 237.2 (1)

Cardinals OFFENSE: First Downs: 20.5 (6)
Steelers DEFENSE:    First Downs: 15.0 (2)

Cardinals OFFENSE: 3rd Down %: 42 (11)
Steelers DEFENSE:    3rd Down %: 31 (1)

Cardinals OFFENSE: Points Per Game:  26.7 (3)
Steelers DEFENSE:    Points Per Game:  13.9 (1)

When strength is matched against strength it makes for some great drama. However, Continue reading


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Cardinals Rap

Now I know that “our” little Super Bowl theme song isn’t going to win a Grammy anytime soon, but seriously guys, have some dignity. I especially enjoy the dude with the Leinart jersey…at least invest in a Warner jersey for the biggest game of your collective lives.

A sampling of lyrical genious that won’t be stuck in my head all day for $200, Alex:

The Cards fly with red feathers
Through all types of weather
Provide the fans pleasure
We do this together…Offense

That’s all I can really say…


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