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Haterade is Best Served Cold

5GR Reader and friend of the blog (Bowling League), sent the following to my inbox yesterday evening in response to poor Andrew Lasseter’s letter to Sports Illustrated. Maybe I’m stepping out on a limb; maybe a far extending twig, but is it possible that our “friend” Andrew Lasseter is really a bitter relative of Kwame Lassiter who spent 8 forgettable seasons with the Arizona Cardinals. Yeah, I know the spelling is different. Do you really think Andrew (if that really is his REAL name) would be so foolish as to spell his name correctly and invite the scrutiny of the Steelers blog media? Seriously.

I just got my new SI and it featured the obligatory letters from readers section.  Because I am cheap and I want to receive the maximum benefit from my subscription, I read the aforementioned letters.  This issue had a letter from someone named Andrew Lasseter who wrote “I am tired of hearing about how great Ben Roethlisberger is at avoiding the rush.  Am I the only one who saw him get sacked 46 times [last year]?  He moves more like a champion of competitive eating than a SUPER BOWL WINNING QUARTERBACK (emphasis mine).”  Mr. Lasseter, in an weak attempt at humor, actually makes the best case for Big Ben through his last statement that Ben is a Super Bowl winning quarterback.  Yes, he was sacked 46 times, but all this guy does is avoid the rush, complete clutch passes and win!  Two Super Bowls in four years, not to mention the other stats he currently owns.  He has shown that he can get it done through a primarily run offense (2005) to a primarily pass offense (2008).  I do agree with Mr. Lasseter that If Ben decided to enter a competitive eating contest, he would emerge as the winner!

I also don’t understand the “does he belong in the elite quarterback ranks?” debate.  How can you not put him in the same conversation as Brady and Manning?  Granted, Continue reading


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In The Meantime…

Has it really been 12 days since this blog has been updated? Has it really been 20 days since the Steelers won the Super Bowl? The clicks, the searches and the hits that brought people here have subsided and we’ve settled into the absolute worst part of the sports year.

Here are 6 reasons why February is the worst sports month, after the first Sunday:
1. The NBA and NHL are trolling along with their near meaningless regular season.
2. Nascar is not my sport…but it’s back if you’re into that mindless driving in circles kinda thing.
3. Baseball is not yet about baseball but rather about steroids and ARod (again)
4. The NFL scouting combine is coming…get pumped! Um, maybe if we followed a team that was bad.
5. Tiger is coming back, that might draw a little attention from me
6. College basketball (save Pitt proving to be a legit contender) is about 2 weeks from interesting

Ah, but at least we have Jeff Reed and the curious case of Max Starks.

Besides Skippy throwing a toddler tantrum at Sheetz for not having the towels to dry his hands and Max Starks (8.451 mil in ’09) raking in more money than it would have cost to keep Alan Fanaca (8 mil) in town, Here’s what a few of the Steelers have been up to since finishing off the Cardinals in XLIII. Continue reading

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Victory Parade!

The victory parade along the Boulevard of the Allies – Post Gazette

Ryan Clark dives into the crowd – Post-Gazette

If you are trapped, like me, somewhere other than Pittsburgh watch the parade and celebration live on WTAE online.

People Super Bowl Roethlisberger Letterman

And in case you missed it last night, Ben Roethlisberger was a special guest on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Pittsburgh City Council officially designated the City of Pittsburgh as the City of Sixburgh.

The retroactive Super Bowl running diary, by ESPN’s Bill Simmons.

Saving the best for last in the Super Bowl…Gregg Easterbrook thinks the NFL got a gift by getting the best game of it’s season for it’s very last game.

What a poorly executed idea. ESPN has fans voting on their states “Mt Rushmore” of sports. Pennsylvania doesn’t feature a Steelers player among it’s four. Dumb. Terry Bradshaw makes Louisiana’s top four as the ONLY Steeler on the entire list. Several guys make multiple lists: Barry Sanders (OK, MI), Michael Jordan (NC, IL), Roberto Clemente (PA, PR) and Peyton Manning (TN, IN) among others. But seriously? One Steelers player on the list and none for PA?

Rick Reilly says what we all know…it’s why we love OUR team.

Peter King explains that the fumble by Warner to end the game WAS in fact reviewed and upheld, they just didn’t need to have the on field ref’s look at what was already clear. So, ref blamers, and bitter Seattle fans, get over it.

Looking Ahead: Don Banks examines, Free agency, Salary Cap, Coaching Staff, Draft and Schedule for the Steelers and the Cardinals…The Steelers appear to be in pretty good shape.

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XLIII Post Game Thoughts


Just some random thoughts rolling around in my head as I try to get motivated to do anything but bask in sweet victory…

OSU FANS: Seriously, OSU fans are the most egocentric group of sports fans…they’ll find a way to make everything about them. Sure, Santonio is a former Buckeye and he was amazing but the Steelers won the Super Bowl, not the Buckeyes. The many facebook statuses I’ve read are along this vein: I hate the Steelers but at least they needed a Buckeye to win the game. (I remind you Buckeye fan, that the game wasn’t over and many Steelers fans were still quite nervous of the Warner to Fitz “hail mary” potential until Michigan Wolverine Alum, Lamarr Woodley strip sacked Kurt Warner to seal the game.)

OBAMA?: Dan Rooney, I LOVE you…but how did President Obama help the Steelers win the game? Was he even there? I support our president, but I don’t get the love fest. I guess his awesomeness just requires that we thank him for everything. I might start thanking him for my food before I eat a meal. Um, no.


STEELERS FAMILY: Peter King’s MMQB has a great inside look on the Steelers family, their love for the game, their love for Dan Rooney and their love for each other…I’m seeing visions of Stargell and Parker dancing to Sister Sledge in my head.

THUGS: Harrison is a Thug…but he’s our thug. Maybe the lack of oxygen to his brain after his epic pick six caused some serious lapse in judgement on the boneheaded personal foul. Thank Obama that the foul occurred at a point in the game that only cost us a couple of feet. Still, unacceptable.

Many more thoughts and pics after the jump Continue reading


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Super Sized Links

Here We Go! 2008-09 version

The following is a collection of Super Bowl related links…not rehashes of the game yesterday, we all watched it…but preview kind of stuff.

Whisenhunt’s Revenge will be one of the played up (overplayed?) storylines of Super Bowl XLIII…it’ll be interesting to see as this develops and to hear how he answers the questions when asked. Will he fuel the fire or put it to rest? Either way, the stories are being written.

  • Don Banks at Si.com lays out some early story lines for the big game: Fitzgerald vs Ward, big play WR’s that have starred at Heinz Field; Whisenhunt; Warner and Roethlisberger going for their 2nd rings each; Warner trying to punch his HoF ticket; etc…

This article asks that we finally PLEASE take away the “Yeah But…” from Roethlisberger’s reputation and add a “Because of…” As in the Steelers are Super Because of Big Ben.

Peter King weighs in on the Super match-up but starts off the column by declaring Pittsburgh vs Baltimore as the BEST rivalry in the NFL…surpassing *gasp* Indy and New England. Amen.

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Steelers 23 – Ravens 14

Official Box Score – AFC Championship Game

INCREDIBLE: The Steelers will face the Arizona/Pittsburgh (West) Cardinals. Anything can happen, and I am scuuurrd of Larry Fitzgerald, but I have to think that once again if we protect the ball, the game is ours to lose. Though the silly pass interference calls will need to stop. And Oh how I wish Limas Sweed could catch.

I made a few predictions earlier in the day…here’s a recap: Continue reading


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Ravens/Steelers Prediction

Better late than never.

Not a lot of commentary on this one, just a few bullet points on my gut feelings about the game.

  • FINAL SCORE: Steelers 27 – Ravens 10
  • The first half will be very close maybe 6-3
  • The second half the Ravens will feel the affects of the punishing Steelers and their injuries
  • Joe Flacco = 2 interceptions…1 for a TD
  • The Ravens TD will be a late garbage time TD
  • Willie will be steady and servicable but not spectacular…25 carries 85 yards
  • The only way I can even imaging that the Steelers could lose is if they give it away. The Ravens won’t beat us, but we may beat ourselves.
  • Cleveland Browns fans will spontaneously combust upon kickoff (if they haven’t already)…can you imagine a worse day for die hard Browns fans?
  • Only 2 sacks on Ben, at least 4 on Flacco


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