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Unemployment Line

unemployment-linewaiting for a job…coaches from l to r: Jim Fassel, Brian Billick, Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan, Jon Gruden, Herman Edwards, Marty Schottenheimer, Mike Holmgren (I think Mr. Billick just got denied his unemployment check)

Never have we seen such a collection of coaches, out of work, all at the same time with no more job openings to be had. But, this economy is setting all kinds of firsts for the working public. Between these 8 coaches they have 10 Super Bowl appearances and 6 Super Bowl rings. Oh, and 2 guys who play to win the games/except in the playoffs.

Who’s most likely to work again? Ranking these 8 unemployed coaches… Continue reading


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XLIII Post Game Thoughts


Just some random thoughts rolling around in my head as I try to get motivated to do anything but bask in sweet victory…

OSU FANS: Seriously, OSU fans are the most egocentric group of sports fans…they’ll find a way to make everything about them. Sure, Santonio is a former Buckeye and he was amazing but the Steelers won the Super Bowl, not the Buckeyes. The many facebook statuses I’ve read are along this vein: I hate the Steelers but at least they needed a Buckeye to win the game. (I remind you Buckeye fan, that the game wasn’t over and many Steelers fans were still quite nervous of the Warner to Fitz “hail mary” potential until Michigan Wolverine Alum, Lamarr Woodley strip sacked Kurt Warner to seal the game.)

OBAMA?: Dan Rooney, I LOVE you…but how did President Obama help the Steelers win the game? Was he even there? I support our president, but I don’t get the love fest. I guess his awesomeness just requires that we thank him for everything. I might start thanking him for my food before I eat a meal. Um, no.


STEELERS FAMILY: Peter King’s MMQB has a great inside look on the Steelers family, their love for the game, their love for Dan Rooney and their love for each other…I’m seeing visions of Stargell and Parker dancing to Sister Sledge in my head.

THUGS: Harrison is a Thug…but he’s our thug. Maybe the lack of oxygen to his brain after his epic pick six caused some serious lapse in judgement on the boneheaded personal foul. Thank Obama that the foul occurred at a point in the game that only cost us a couple of feet. Still, unacceptable.

Many more thoughts and pics after the jump Continue reading


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Hate To See You Go…?


Steelers 31 – Browns 0

Official Box Score

Romeo, Romeo…wow what a terrible end to a very poor head coaching stint. Who knows we may see him again someday as a head coach, probably not, but the NFL is strange that way. However, it appears that Romeo is trying to keep his foot in the door…in CLEVELAND! Ha, any reaction from the few random Browns fans that still follow the NFL would be enjoyable (though, if I were you I’d run to the Cavs and throw every ounce of fan support you have in you, time is fleeting to enjoy LeBron)…here’s a letter from the Cowher09 folks.

To add insult to injury…they won’t land Cowher in ’09. Phew (I’m just glad we don’t have to keep hearing the silly speculation)

Back to Romeo…because unlike some, I like to beat a dead horse…he led his Brownies to an 0-8 record against the Steelers in four season and never made the playoffs, though they sniffed them once. In those 8 games The Steelers scored 232 points to the Browns 89 (or a 29-11 average). Not bad for a defensive minded head coach.

I have to admit, it’ll be enjoyable in a sick way to watch them try to get this train back on the tracks.

In other news, Ben Roethlisberger got a concussion on Sunday. All reports are that he’ll be fine. Since it’s already Tuesday and everyone has already talked about this…that’s all I’ll say.

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Coach of the Year…Why Not?


I think it’s time we start drumming up some support for Mike Tomlin as the Coach of the Year. Consider the impressive resume’ he has built in a very short time; this, his sophomore season has been nothing short of impressive. Tomlin links: currently #1 among fans in coach approval ratings; to feel some Tomlin pride, watch this; a great BTSC read on Tomlin.

The evidence:

  • His current job as Steelers head coach, is his first head coaching experience at any level.
  • The team has made some noticable adjustments since the Philly debacle (and even that game was still only a 9 point loss)…there hasn’t been a game since that the team has not competed in or had every opportunity to win (save some untimely turnovers).
  • The coaching staff has endured plenty of critcism (Bruce Arians, especially), Tomlin has left no doubt that he stands behind them and supports his coaches (even if he doesn’t…you’d never know). This is critical to the stability of a team in season. During a season is not the time to foster disunity.
  • Mike Tomlin made the tough decision (and stood firmly behind it) to deactivate Santonio Holmes in a very big non-conference game. As close as the outcome was, Holmes may have helped the Steelers beat the Giants. It was and always will be the right decision even if it means another mark in the loss column. Many coaches wouldn’t have made that same call.
  • It’s easy to forget, now that the team is relatively healthy, that the Steelers have endured A LOT of injuries this season. It takes a great coach to keep a team focused on what they do have rather than what/who they do not.
  • If the team finishes 13-3 or even 12-4, it might be one of the greatest accomplishments in NFL history considering the Steelers have played the toughest schedule in the history of organized sports.
  • Currently stand 2 wins away from playing at home throughout the playoffs with the #1 seed.
  • Many coaches (a lot of the first year ones) have exceeded expectations that were low, but it is quite another thing to lead a team with incredibly high expectations and still exceed them.
  • Has dominated the AFC North (ok, Baltimore was tough) en route to a soon to be perfect division record.
  • Coach Tomlin is following a legend, and we all know, most would rather follow the guy who follows the legend.
  • Two seasons as the Steelers head coach = two AFC North Division titles.
  • He has won the most games of ANY Steelers head coach in his first two seasons.
  • Mike Tomlin has faced the unenviable task of being the unpopular and unknown choice at the time of his hiring before last season. Whisenhunt and Grimm were far and away the players favorites and the fans choices to succeed Bill Cowher. Tomlin stepped in and has won the team over. Those he didn’t win over probably aren’t on the team.

The other candidates and a poll for the award are as follows: Continue reading


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Steelers 33 – Patriots 10

Official Box Score

Simply put, that had to be one of the most satisfying wins in quite a long time. The Steelers Defense is something else…while you were reading this I think they may have just forced another turnover. For all the talk this week about the Titans and then the Jets…and then that sneaky team from Indianapolis, the Steelers just showed up and continued their consistency while battling one of the toughest schedules that many fans have ever seen. We’re certainly not out of the woods yet with Baltimore lurking behind but I like how the team has responded. I even like that Baltimore is having such success (since the Browns and Bengals are a mess). I think having someone right on our tail will serve to keep us sharp and keep the urgency of each week in front of us. Good Win. The next 3 only get harder.

Links from around the World Wide Web and some of my thoughts:

  • The Steelers have gotten NFL.com Senior Columnist Vic Carucci’s attention (I hope based on his job title that he was paying attention before this week)
  • Just thinking today…Aren’t we glad that Plaxico Burress isn’t a Steeler anymore? Though, part of me thinks that we could keep him in line…that’s probably naive’
  • Matt Cassel sure is taking a beating. As if the physical one today wasn’t enough. Everyone, who anointed him the “next Tom Brady”, seems to be jumping ship. Those that balked at the mention of system QB are calling him a…system QB and a Free Agent risk. Silly how fickle we are. Interesting what playing a real defense can do to you.
  • The Steelers did some exposing of boy wonder Cassell…Reality Check, remember before this season he hadn’t started a game since High School. The facade can only last so long.
  • JAMES HARRISON WAS HURT YESTERDAY! Just add it to his growing legend…if Harrison isn’t the Defensive Player of the Year (or at least the leader at this point) then why even give out the award.
  • Post-Game thoughts by Dale Lolly
  • Post-Game thoughts on Blog N Gold…scroll to the bottom for the PG stuff
  • BTSC doesn’t want to call it a big win…fine, I will. This was a big win. It starts off our 4 game death stretch with a win, it keeps us ahead of the Ravens, We beat the Patriots. Brady or not, that feels good. Sure there were a few mistakes that we need to work on, but what team doesn’t have their weaknesses. I’ll take our weeknesses whn combined with our strengths over any teams.
  • Lawrence Timmons has a Blog
  • Bill Cowher to the Brownies talk heats up. Seriously I’ve heard a lot of it, the Browns fans clearly want him (cowher09.com), if not becasue he’s a great coach then alos because deep down inside Browns fans wish they were Steelers fans. Even their owner has Steelers envy.

“I find that very frustrating,” Lerner said. “The Steelers from the 1930s to the 70s, maybe there wasn’t much of an identity. But coach and group of players show up, memorable plays are made and a myth is born, a legend is born and an identity is born. The Rooneys were able to parlay that into another administration under Bill Cowher and kept it together for [37 years] with two coaches. I’m very envious of that.”

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Steelers 20 – Colts 24

Official Box Score

Why can’t we finish games? Maybe finishing games isn’t so much a rite of Steelers football as it was a rite of Cowher football. But, I’m a little annoyed after watching 2 games in three weeks where I felt throughout the whole game, that while the score was relatively close, the game was safely in hand with a lead. ONLY to blow it and give it away.

In those two games against the Giants and the Colts they flashed up the wonderful stat that Ben Roethlisberger has led 14 4th quarter comebacks in his career. Yay. Where’s the stat that says how many games Roethlisberger has thrown away late in the game with boneheaded interceptions? Where’s the stat that says how poor the Arians offensive cordinating era has been at holding leads? My favorite Steelers stat of all time is quickly becoming obsolete…the one where the Steelers were something like 75-1 under Bill Cowher when they had a lead of at least 10 points, at ANY point in the game.

pheww…now that that’s off my chest.

I am not a throw out Ben and bring in Byron kind of guy. I’m a fix Ben (that may or may not include getting him healthy), coach him up and teach him how to be smarter in critical situations kind of guy.

Happy Thoughts:
**We threw to the TE (funny how Miller was hurt when we decided to do this)
**MMoore is good, but he is a back-up we need Parker healthy and hopefully the day off took care of that.
**The D still looked pretty darn good (if the O would stick them in such terrible positions (and tipped balls would fall to the ground, like they are supposed to)
**We sacked Peyton 2 times…he hadn’t been sacked at all in the previous 3 games
**The O-line and Ben were only sacked twice!
**6-3 is not bad; especially looking at the schedule before the season
**But we are basically 2 plays away from 8-1 (sorry not a happy thought)

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Philly Cheesesack

Want some whiz wit dat?

I’ve been saying that the Steelers are underrated, overshadowed, under the radar…a sneaky good kind of team that has just been going about their business and letting other stories steal the headlines. Well, let’s just hope that no one noticed the Steelers this week either. It is unfortunate that we only get to play the Eagles in regular season, once every 4 years, though, lets have the games in Pittsburgh.

The game wasn’t on locally so I headed over here to take it in…in hindsight, yard work would have been a better option. I certainly would have covered more ground.

Pittsburgh’s offense was so enthralling that I found the time to do a little texting. Here’s a glimpse into the minds of two Steelers fans (myself and Andy) as the 4th quarter went down with a little post game text commentary (note: we’re attending the game this monday night, cheap seats):

  • 6:29pm – Dave – You at the game?
  • 6:31pm – Andy – no, unfortnately, I’m not at the game. Are you at the sports bar? They’ve played ugly, but they still have a chance to win this game.
  • 6:35pm – Dave – yeah at the sports bar. It is ugly but the d has given us a chance. If ben had just 1 more sec.
  • 6:37pm – Andy – Yeah. At times the o-line looks like they’re really confused. The d is keping them in this game.
  • 6:39pm – Dave – its a field position battle now. We need the big play
  • 6:40pm – Andy – That was a huge punt. We need to Continue reading

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