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Pure Speculation

…because I like to start rumors.

Chris Carr:
The Steelers brought in Titans free agent Chris Carr to see if he might potentially be a fit with the Steelers and bolster the return game which has been anemic since Randle El lived back there. Carr would also be able to provide some depth in the secondary after the departures of Anthony Smith and Brynat McFadden. Carr ranked third last season in the AFC in KR average (28.1) while the Steelers were 29th in the league at 20.3. Additionally, Carr was 8th in PR average at 10.1 while the Steelers had a paltry 6.0.

Joey Galloway: Joey is OLD. Very Old. Well, at least it seems that way. (ok, just checked, he’s 37, that’s ancient). Funny how LaDainian Tomlinson at age 30 is “washed up” but Galloway keeps ticking. The Steelers apparantly think he’s still got some mileage on his wheels. Honestly I don’t know much about Galloway, when I was 16 and in high school, Joey was beginning his career for Seattle and burning up the field with his breakneck speed. At one time he had 4.3 speed, not sure if that still exists, but his age and assumed wisdom could be an asset for Santonio and Limas (and while I think Hines can handle that job just fine, a little help never hurt). Here’s the completely subjective kicker for me…Mike Tomlin knows him from Tampa Bay and I trust Coach Tomlin, after all, he did pretty well with Mewelde this past season.

Orlando Pace: I’m not sure this would be a high priority with the Steelers wanting to get younger as well as deeper on the O-line, but Pace was released and could come at a huge discount. He’s certainly got the experience to help a (hopefully) young, recently drafted O-Line recruits. It also might not be top priority because of the one year tender signed by Willie Colon. Despite the age factor (and obvious health concerns) Pace has to be worth a thought, maybe he’d be interested in a position shift.

Torry Holt: This is complete speculation since he hasn’t been released by the Rams, but there is plenty of talk that he might be a cap casualty in St Louis. I’m just guessing, but if the ancient (and recently injured) Galloway is an option for WR depth, why wouldn’t Holt (who is much younger) also be considered for this same role. That might be the sticking point though, Torry Holt might not be quite ready to ride off into the sunset as a #3 receiver. It sure would be an incredible line-up. Holt, Ward, Holmes. Sweed. Tasty.

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