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Free Agency Begins…

…well for the Steelers.

For every other team, it began on “Black Friday”, which is rarely, if ever Black and Gold Friday. The Steelers took care of some of their own, as they always do (the Kemoeatu signing was surprising) and they were certain to lose some of their contributors, as they always do. In my mind free agency for the Steelers doesn’t really begin until we bring in someone new or we lose someone to another team.

Today was that day; the first UFA Steeler has left the comfort and security of a champion and headed out on a journey alone. A path that Yancey once walked and failed.

Nate Washington is a Tennessee Titan. Best of luck. But I don’t think we’ll be hearing much from you.

The next Steelers player likely to go is Bryant McFadden, it’s actually somewhat surprising that he hasn’t landed somewhere yet. There is a current stir about the potential signing of Free Agent Titan Chris Carr as a CB/KR.

In case you haven’t been aware to this point  who our free agents are (which would be shocking if you follow the Steelers close enough to read blogs about them), here’s a list: Continue reading


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Sports Illustrated 01.19.09


The newest Sports Illustrated has been released and the Steelers make yet another appearance on the cover. The last time the Steelers were on the cover it was Lamarr Woodley hovering over a flattened Joe Flacco. This time, Santonio and Nate and a scary and imposing question, Who’s Gonna Stop ’em Now? I think most Steelers fans know that we can and maybe should win this thing…IF… and that might be the most important thing to focus on. On any given Sunday, any team can win. If we don’t protect the ball…we’ll lose. If we do, I can’t see how we lose.

The only team that can stop Steelers is the Steelers. But, unfortunately, we’ve seen that script too many times before to sleep soundly at night.

Here’s a link to Lee Jenkins cover article. Here’s a link to Peter King’s AFC title forecast.

P.S. Further proof that when the Steelers win, they are ALWAYS the biggest story…Florida Gators win the BCS Title and get the bottom right corner; President-Elect Barack Obama makes his first SI cover in the upper right. Steelers…Living Large!

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Steelers 26 – Jaguars 21

It’s about time we beat the Jags, it’s been since December 5th, 2004, Roethlisberger’s rookie year, that we defeated the Jags 17-16. We are winning ugly…but we are winning. Albeit our last 3 wins have come by a combined total of 12 points. What a GREAT time to have a bye.

Inspite of our insistance on trying to give this game away, we came out on top. A little offense and some much improved playcalling covered over a multitude of sins. When the game stood at 17-14 I felt as if it easily could have been 17-0. In fact the game never felt as close as the score indicated. It’s pointless to play the “what if” game, but had we not committed three egregious errors (Pick 6, Pass Interference, Unecessary Roughness) this game would have been as dominating of a win as the Steelers have had since probably Baltimore last year. The stats were nearly as lopsided (though the 3rd quarter brought about some balance) as the game felt, in spite of the score. Either way, I’ll ALWAYS take a huge AFC road win, with especially considering the injuries.

official box score

Random thoughts from throughout the game…

The audible cheers (for the Steelers) on the Unecessary Roughness penalty 4 seconds into the game AGAINST the home team were quite impressive. Are there any Jaguars fans outside of Jacksonville? I literally know ONE…ONE Jaguars fan, and he lives in Jacksonville. (I’m certain I’m in the minority by knowing even one) I think he picked them when he was in Jr High when they became a team because they wore teal. Teal was cool. Was. (If you are a Jaguars fan and you stumbled across this blog, for the love of your team make yourself known, I doubt your true existence)

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