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Haterade is Best Served Cold

5GR Reader and friend of the blog (Bowling League), sent the following to my inbox yesterday evening in response to poor Andrew Lasseter’s letter to Sports Illustrated. Maybe I’m stepping out on a limb; maybe a far extending twig, but is it possible that our “friend” Andrew Lasseter is really a bitter relative of Kwame Lassiter who spent 8 forgettable seasons with the Arizona Cardinals. Yeah, I know the spelling is different. Do you really think Andrew (if that really is his REAL name) would be so foolish as to spell his name correctly and invite the scrutiny of the Steelers blog media? Seriously.

I just got my new SI and it featured the obligatory letters from readers section.  Because I am cheap and I want to receive the maximum benefit from my subscription, I read the aforementioned letters.  This issue had a letter from someone named Andrew Lasseter who wrote “I am tired of hearing about how great Ben Roethlisberger is at avoiding the rush.  Am I the only one who saw him get sacked 46 times [last year]?  He moves more like a champion of competitive eating than a SUPER BOWL WINNING QUARTERBACK (emphasis mine).”  Mr. Lasseter, in an weak attempt at humor, actually makes the best case for Big Ben through his last statement that Ben is a Super Bowl winning quarterback.  Yes, he was sacked 46 times, but all this guy does is avoid the rush, complete clutch passes and win!  Two Super Bowls in four years, not to mention the other stats he currently owns.  He has shown that he can get it done through a primarily run offense (2005) to a primarily pass offense (2008).  I do agree with Mr. Lasseter that If Ben decided to enter a competitive eating contest, he would emerge as the winner!

I also don’t understand the “does he belong in the elite quarterback ranks?” debate.  How can you not put him in the same conversation as Brady and Manning?  Granted, Continue reading


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Steelers 20 – Colts 24

Official Box Score

Why can’t we finish games? Maybe finishing games isn’t so much a rite of Steelers football as it was a rite of Cowher football. But, I’m a little annoyed after watching 2 games in three weeks where I felt throughout the whole game, that while the score was relatively close, the game was safely in hand with a lead. ONLY to blow it and give it away.

In those two games against the Giants and the Colts they flashed up the wonderful stat that Ben Roethlisberger has led 14 4th quarter comebacks in his career. Yay. Where’s the stat that says how many games Roethlisberger has thrown away late in the game with boneheaded interceptions? Where’s the stat that says how poor the Arians offensive cordinating era has been at holding leads? My favorite Steelers stat of all time is quickly becoming obsolete…the one where the Steelers were something like 75-1 under Bill Cowher when they had a lead of at least 10 points, at ANY point in the game.

pheww…now that that’s off my chest.

I am not a throw out Ben and bring in Byron kind of guy. I’m a fix Ben (that may or may not include getting him healthy), coach him up and teach him how to be smarter in critical situations kind of guy.

Happy Thoughts:
**We threw to the TE (funny how Miller was hurt when we decided to do this)
**MMoore is good, but he is a back-up we need Parker healthy and hopefully the day off took care of that.
**The D still looked pretty darn good (if the O would stick them in such terrible positions (and tipped balls would fall to the ground, like they are supposed to)
**We sacked Peyton 2 times…he hadn’t been sacked at all in the previous 3 games
**The O-line and Ben were only sacked twice!
**6-3 is not bad; especially looking at the schedule before the season
**But we are basically 2 plays away from 8-1 (sorry not a happy thought)

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